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  • Walker

  • Drone

    Still having a lot of fun with modeling. I’ve been learning a bit more about lighting. I found that I could make a material glow by using Indirect Lighting and increasing the Bounce.

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    Old Work

    There is so much artwork in my home that I can’t fit any more under my bed. So, I’m attempt to go through my work and digitize are through out junk that I don’t need. It was rather exciting to look back on my older work. A lot of the work is very flawed, some of it…

  • Outpost

    Finished the outpost with searchlight. Time for some sleep now.

  • Gate_Render_Angle_SoftLight_75_Green.png

    Barrier Gate

    Another rendered model! I’m really making this all up as I go and have no idea if i’m doing this “right”. I did learn that I can create a library of material and link each part of my model to it. Up until now i’ve been create new materials for each model. I’m also quickly realizing…

  • iDroid

    The iDroid was a hand-sized device developed by the Militaires Sans Frontières resembling a walkie-talkie that displayed a holographic map of a given area, which came in a satellite-based map or gave a general layout of the area. It was also used to call in helicopters and direct them to a specific area, and by…

  • Putting Things Together

    This isn’t anything new, I just started taking the pieces I have modeled and rendered them together in one scene. I’m still working on some more builds and vehicles.