iDJ Pro

The iDJ Pro is a DJ controller that was designed at Numark. I worked on this project and helped design a 2 page ad that was printed in various magazines. There were a ton of options our design team explored but in the end it was one of my proposals we picked to make into the final ad.

The concept here is to basically lead in with a tease. The controller works with the iPad so we wanted to highlight the controller, the iPad and its touch functionality (which is something unique to this product.) On the second page we present a bit more information but even then I wanted to keep it very minimal and still teach and entice the reader by showing the controller small with a QR code. The hope is that if you are interested and want to know more you’ll remember the name and look for more. I’m not a fan of overwhelming, trying to education or convince a reader that our product is something great. I strongly feel that if you have a quality product it should speak for itself as much as possible; and I think this product does.

Once the idea and visual direction was established, I was in charge of pretty much everything from there on; including product lighting, photography, image cleanup, design and prepping for print.

This was a very fun project to work on, it would be nice to do more product launches like this in the future.