Vita Game Tracker

This was created more for function than design, but I wanted to share it either way. This is simply a Google spreadsheet to manager my PS Vita game collection. This came about because I can’t store all my digital games in one place (due to storage limitations.) I back games & saves up on either a PS3 or my PC. This trouble is there isn’t any kind of log showing where the latest backup is stored. So I created this simple spreadsheet to record the backup locations.

The spreadsheet is designed so that the text and background colors update (adding or deleting the colors) as you input your information. The live document can be viewed here. You can leave comments on the document with your thoughts, questions or update request.

To use this for your own library, simply view the spreadsheet, then go to the menu File > Make a copy…and it will be saved to your Google Docs, where you can edit the file as you please.